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Welcome to Politiqin

Welcome to Politiqin. Here you can enjoy my modest opinions and sensible common sense takes on the multitud of issues that face us today. My hope is to provoke

open discussion and healthy exchanges

of thoughts and ideas on how we can achieve our personal and collective goals in today’s world. I look forward to any comments you wish to share and only ask that weigh my thoughts and ideas carefully before deciding to agree or disagree with me. In this day of such polarization and division, I think it’s about time we examine our common goals instead of arguing our differences. The time has come to forge a new alliance

and have all schools of thought meet somewhere in

between. We can no longer be like a 5th grade dance and have all the boys on one wall and all girls on the other. Let’s brake the ice, take a chance, and just maybe find enough to agree on that a pernership is possible in order to solve the trying issues of our time. So I ask you to join me, let’s dance! More to come shortly.

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